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KillerApps Micro: Income Distribution
Detroit Three's two-tier wage system may be the answer to the cost advantage of transplanted auto makers.

Over-extended American consumers provided the ultimate market for consumer goods exported from low-wage countries that are willing to sell on credit.

Rising affluence and other social factors have led to the emergence of the dog care industry.

Their strategic location at the chokepoints of global trade allows American longshoremen to share a bigger piece of the globalization pie.

Most glamorous jobs have high average income but low median income while most bread-and-butter jobs have median income that is very close to the average income.

Income distribution may be more unequal while average income is increasing.

Life-time job security with generous fringe benefits have increased youth unemployment by discouraging French employers to hire new workers and encouraging them to substitute capital for labor.

Outsized CEO compensation reflects talent scarcity and competitive emulation among interlocking compensation committees.

Low-cost competition and escalating health care cost have eroded U.S. car-makersí ability to honor generous union contracts.

White-collared workers are increasingly affiliated with beleaguered blue-collared labor unions to bulk up their collective bargaining position over non-wage issues.

New York transit workers staged a 5-day disruptive pre-Christmas labor strike to hang onto unsustainable benefits.

The legacy of high union wages and benefits progressive measures has become part of a vicious circle of market-share erosion for old-time U.S. car makers.

Lack of affordable transportation due to poverty forces the poor to shop in neighborhood stores that charge more for the mostly unhealthy but high-turnover food that they carry.

The job ladder that has been truncated from the bottom and from the top means longer formal education to get to the bottom of the ladder and more limited promotion prospects once on the ladder.

Extreme division of labor into simple repetitive tasks allows the fast-food industry to increase throughput while lowering labor cost by tapping unskilled teenage and marginal workers.

Rebecca Earle
Motherhood adversely affects women's life-time earnings.

Rebecca Earle
Low fertility among educated women threatens to lower the supply of high-skilled workers.

Marital sorting can increase wage inequality and lead to lower economic growth over generations by concentrating the life-chance advantage of better educated people.

Michael Hill
Cheap immigrant labor has kept labor-intensive lettuce farming in America that should perhaps have been offshored or mechanized.

If happiness depends on one's relative wealth, one will never be absolutely happy as long as there are others who are even richer.

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