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KillerApps Micro: Costs and opportunities
The impact of low oil prices on oil output depends on the cost structures of different types of oils.

Outsourcing the picket line makes economic sense but might dilute the moral force of the protest.

The externality and time horizon of costs and benefits bedevil college distribution of condoms.

Influx of illegal immigrant workers to the U.S. homebuilding industry has made new homes more affordable but kept the home construction business labor intensive.

Niche comparative advantage in location proximity and fast response time could overcome the disadvantage of high wages in the garment industry.

Flexible work scheduling to match customer traffic is one effective way to transform labor from a fixed cost into a variable cost in the retail business.

White-collared workers are increasingly affiliated with beleaguered blue-collared labor unions to bulk up their collective bargaining position over non-wage issues.

Unexpected market gain resulting from uncontrolled circumstances might serve as incentives to correctly allocate scarce resources.

Job security of American workers whose opportunity costs are higher but whose labor productivity is no higher than foreign workers will be increasingly threatened by foreign competition.

Rebecca Earle
Low fertility among educated women threatens to lower the supply of high-skilled workers.

Health club usage patterns clearly show that members are emotionally attached to sunk cost even though most economists think that rational incremental decisions should only compare marginal benefit with marginal cost.

Peak-load pricing can lower electric bills and increase business profitability by inducing household consumers to shift their consumption from higher-rate peak period to lower-rate slack period.

Knowledge-based industries subject to increasing returns because of high R&D fixed costs and low variable costs naturally tend to monopolize the market.

Dick Marcus
Inner city stores attract immigrant owners who are risk takers and have lower opportunity costs of alternative employment.

Are major airlines that temporarily lower their fares to squeeze out their low-fare niche-market startup competitors guilty of predatory pricing?

The profit of New Economy business firms that have very high R&D fixed costs and very low marginal costs is brutally squeezed in economic downturn.

Sweatshops in low wage countries supplying goods to American companies may offer better paying jobs than other local firms.

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