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KillerApps Micro: Scarcity
Auction of immigrant visas could ensure that scarce visas go to only those who are willing to pay the most to get them and that immigrants do not displace native-born workers simply because of their willingness to accept lower pay.

The rise of scarcity cost in oil has made alternative energy sources more cost competitive.

Outsized CEO compensation reflects talent scarcity and competitive emulation among interlocking compensation committees.

Proliferation of e-government services may exacerbate the digital divide between technology haves and have-nots.

Far from increasing consumer surplus, falling prices for luxury goods such as freshwater pearls due to overproduction reduce both consumer surplus and producer profit.

A serious surplus of single high-tech men has spawned a flourishing matchmaking industry.

Xiao Jiang
Looks matter when most people are plain looking, even in jobs where looks do not affect job performance.

Customers' attention has always been a scarce resource, but has never been paid for in cash until now in cyberspace.

Xiao Jiang
Display space in supermarkets and record stores is valuable real estate that suppliers are willing to pay a lot for to attract potential customers' attention.