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Image polishing is a powerful incentive for charitable donations.

Self-control overcomes the present-bias effect and can be enhanced through learning or external cues. -

Flat-rate pricing may increase the bottom line of businesses when consumers over-estimate the amount they might consume and under-estimate the cost of un-restrained use.

Since people are risk-averse with respect to gain and risk-seeking with respect to loss, their choices can be easily manipulated by whether an offer is framed as a gain or a loss.

Health insurance premiums tend to be high for individual policies because of adverse selection and moral hazard.

When identifiable victims are involved, people are willing to spend disproportionally more resources to save a few lives rather than spending the same amount to save a much larger number of statistical victims.

Aversion to human betrayal may reduce potentially beneficial exchanges.

Present bias and inertia lead to low enrollment in 401(k) retirement plans even though employer matching of employee contribution is quite generous.

Luck may be just as important as fitness in determining who survives the market test.

Health club usage patterns clearly show that members are emotionally attached to sunk cost even though most economists think that rational incremental decisions should only compare marginal benefit with marginal cost.

If happiness depends on one's relative wealth, one will never be absolutely happy as long as there are others who are even richer.

If the insured takes less care to prevent loss, the insurer might be subject to unanticipated loss because of such moral hazard.

Injury victims might be prevented from selling their streams of future settlement payments for a lump sum for fear that they might not spend their quick cash wisely.

Selling of renewable human eggs to infertile women may be mutually beneficial, but are fraught with ethical overstone.

Xiao Jiang
Looks matter when most people are plain looking, even in jobs where looks do not affect job performance.

Sex-selective abortions in China, South Korea, and Taiwan have resulted in excess of male over female births.

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