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KillerApps Micro: Technology
The middleman role of music labels to produce, distribute, and promote albums has been compromised by the Internet to the benefit of the artists and consumers.

Mechanization may not be able to totally eliminate low-wage and low-skilled jobs that illegal immigrants are eager to fill.

Digital billboards can generate more benefit at lower cost by rotating images every 6 to 8 seconds.

In a buyer's market with many potential sellers, China exacts technology transfers as a condition of entry into its lucrative mass market.

Many companies earn more revenues from selling replacement parts than selling the complementary products.

By vertically integrating the chicken business and applying quality control and standardization to all the steps from production to marketing, Tyson Foods has brought better and cheaper chicken to consumers, higher wages to workers and fatter returns to shareholders in a once low-profit commodity business.

The weight per dollar of the growing national output has been decreasing due to the embodiment of more advanced technology in the physical product and the higher-valued service components bundled with it.

Selling of renewable human eggs to infertile women may be mutually beneficial, but are fraught with ethical overstone.