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KillerApps Micro: What Price Means
Prostitution has proven to be an effective hedge against high inflation induced by subsidies and price control in Venezuela.

The impact of low oil prices on oil output depends on the cost structures of different types of oils.

Dynamic pricing allows mobile-dispatched ride services such as Uber to digitally match supply and demand at the expense of regular taxi companies.

Artificially-imposed price difference between markets can lead to flow of goods from short-supplied areas to well-supplied areas to equalize their effective prices.

Auction of immigrant visas could ensure that scarce visas go to only those who are willing to pay the most to get them and that immigrants do not displace native-born workers simply because of their willingness to accept lower pay.

US subsidies to domestic sugar cane and sugar beet growers have resulted in huge collateral damage to domestic industries and overseas producers.

High sales tax on cigarettes inadvertently encouraged underage smoking and reduced tax revenues.

Oil is a fungible world commodity that should be sourced where it is the cheapest and sold to the highest bidder regardless of national boundaries.

A fine which normally connotes shame can be confused with a price which connotes right if a fine is not properly implemented.

Gray markets appear when cheaper goods in one market are diverted to compete with more expensive but similar goods in another market.

Price control after natural disasters may misallocate scarce resources to less urgent needs

Sweatshops in low wage countries supplying goods to American companies may offer better paying jobs than other local firms.

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