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KillerApps Micro: Market Entry
The successful emergence of once-slighted digital cameras has reshuffled the cast of major players in the photography business.

Excessive entry of residential real-estate brokers has resulted in lowering the median income of brokers rather than the commission rate.

The creation of a new market typically involves the simultaneous development of interlocking parts. Sacrificing the short-term gain for at least one part is often necessary to overcome initial supplier or buyer inertia.

Low cost contract manufacturing, online coordination among far-flung service providers and Internet viral promotion have propelled many startups into overnight empires.

Most business process patents serve only to slow down business progress without encouraging more inventions.

Granting patents to biotechnology discoveries encourages inventions but could delay the introduction of competing products.

Far from increasing consumer surplus, falling prices for luxury goods such as freshwater pearls due to overproduction reduce both consumer surplus and producer profit.