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Free public goods with close to zero marginal cost could profit from partial excludability.

The peer-to-peer rental and sharing economy could lead to more efficient allocation of scarce resources and a cleaner economy.

Rising affluence and other social factors have led to the emergence of the dog care industry.

How on-the-air radio is indirectly funded affects the quality of radio programming as a public good.

Starbucks commands premium prices for its lifestyle coffee because of its status cachet.

The successful emergence of once-slighted digital cameras has reshuffled the cast of major players in the photography business.

Price hike is difficult to sustain in commodity business with many competitors.

Durability of capital goods poses challenge to producers in a mature market.

Many companies earn more revenues from selling replacement parts than selling the complementary products.

Caesarean sections, which are preferred for their predictability, are more prevalent when reimbursement policy favors their practice even when they are not medically necessary.

The popularity of iPods locks in customer loyalty to the closed iPod-iTunes portable music playing system.

The creation of a new market typically involves the simultaneous development of interlocking parts. Sacrificing the short-term gain for at least one part is often necessary to overcome initial supplier or buyer inertia.

Supply may induce its own demand where a third party practically guarantees reimbursement of usage.

Viagra and other similar western impotence remedies might have affected the demand for and prices of traditional substitutes.

Controlling the distribution of products and the provision of after-sale service considerably reduce free riding of online shoppers on offline stores for product information.

Uncertain property rights will lead to either underinvestment or unnecessary disputes.

Far from increasing consumer surplus, falling prices for luxury goods such as freshwater pearls due to overproduction reduce both consumer surplus and producer profit.

Cyril Chang
Individual health insurers may be reluctant to aggressively offer smoking cessation treatment to their insured members because of high turnover of treated patients to other health insurers

Used cars are but one example of used goods that embody older environmentally unfriendly technology. Ideally, they should be deprived of a second life. But such capital punishment often creates hardship for people who must depend on such used goods for their livelihood.

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