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KillerApps Micro: Trade and Foreign Exchange
Prostitution has proven to be an effective hedge against high inflation induced by subsidies and price control in Venezuela.

Chicken feet, long considered a waste product in the US, have become a profit center for the high-volume low-profit US chicken industry in the China export market. But this export trade is not exempted from political whims.

Over-extended American consumers provided the ultimate market for consumer goods exported from low-wage countries that are willing to sell on credit.

To enhance profit, businesses often sell non-interoperable versions of the same products in different markets.

In a buyer's market with many potential sellers, China exacts technology transfers as a condition of entry into its lucrative mass market.

US subsidies to domestic sugar cane and sugar beet growers have resulted in huge collateral damage to domestic industries and overseas producers.

U. S. shrimpers use anti-dumping protection to resist competitive pressure from more efficient Asian shrimp farmers and to gain de facto subsidy.

American companies are increasingly outsourcing back-office and software design work to highly skilled but lower-cost English-speaking foreign workers.

Gray markets appear when cheaper goods in one market are diverted to compete with more expensive but similar goods in another market.